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Miss Scarlet, in the bedroom, with an axe.

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This is mostly my dream journal.
alice in wonderland, animals, animals in clothes, anthropomorphic cats, antique books, antique valentines, antiques, archy and mehitabel, arthur rackham, autumn leaves, beading, beatrix potter, bes-ben hats, big eyes, bird wings, black tulle, blythe, books, bunny rabbits, buster keaton, carousels, cashmere socks, cats, cats in clothes, circus folk, cloudy weather, clove scented candles, costumes, cotton candy, dark chocolate, designing clothes, doll houses, dolls, doves, drawing, edward gorey, egon schiele, ernest aris, erté, exquisite corpse, extinct animals, fairies, fawns, flapper dresses, fox maidens, foxes, gerda wegener, gingerbread, gingerbread houses, gnomes, gray and white cats, gumdrops and lollipops, gustave dore, halloween, harry whittier frees, icicles, indian food, isolation, j. j. grandville, james swinnerton, japanese cute culture, john william waterhouse, jun planning, kathe olshausen-schonberger, kay nielsen, kittens, klimt, lambs, lavender, leeches, lili elbe, lina cavalieri, lip stain, lollipops, long hair, louis wain, lucid dreams, luna moths, makeup, mark ryden, masks, max schrek, mermaids, merry-go-rounds, miniature deer, miss priss, moss, mr jack, mucha, mushroom children, nosferatu, oak trees, old houses, old mirrors, old rhinestone jewelery, oliver herford, painting, pale skin, parasols, pets, pigeons, pink heart-shaped noses, pixies, playing dress up, playing with dolls, plush, postcards, pretty boys, pullips, rabbits, rain, rasputina, re-ment, reading, recording dreams, red and blue cats, rhinestones, rudolf schwarzkogler, saint aelwaer, sequins, serendipity books, silent movies, sir john tenniel, sleep, snails, snow fall, sprites, striped dogs, stuffed animals, sugar and spice, sylvanian families, tea, tea parties, the beach at night, the brothers grimm, the forest, the land of counterpane, the moon, the twenties, thylacines, tim burton, toys, veils, vintage clothes, vintage toys, walking at night, walking in the woods, wayne thiebaud, whiskers, willy pogany